[I7] Trouble pre-empting pulling rule

There is a room. A lever is here. The lever is fixed in place.

Test me with "pull lever".

Now, as far as I understand, pulling the lever should lead to the message firing before the can’t pull what’s fixed in place rule fires. But that’s not what happens.

The order of action rulebooks is before – instead – check – carry out – after – report, and the can’t pull what’s fixed in place is a check rule. “First” only affects ordering within the same rulebook (“first carry out” happens before all other carry out rules but not before check rules.)

Aw crap. I didn’t catch that: I misread it as a carry out rule despite looking twice. :angry:

And you probably grokked this, but you can use the before rulebook:

Before pulling the lever: say "Hey! Don't touch that!" instead;

Yeah, this was just something I found when trying to interpose movement with the postures system: it turned out all right in the end because you rarely have implicit actions before traversing to pull or push something. I may have to do a bit of work when it comes to handling unlocking actions with implicit pickup of keys.

Well, it’s a fun diversion, I’m not complaining. :slight_smile: