[I7] The verb wear - Odd compiler error

I have:

Describing relates various verbs to various action names. The verb to describe means the describing relation. [The verb wear describes the wearing action.] To attack is a verb. The verb attack describes the attacking action.
The commented out line gives the following compiler error:

Am I doing something wrong? I checked mantis and didn’t see this reported.

The standard rules already contain the line

The verb to wear means the wearing relation.

I bet this is the source of the conflict, although in principle the compiler should be able to keep it straight. I think that relations on verbs may not have been tested yet; verbs only became first-class objects in the last release.

Now that I test it, I see that the problem message has an addendum: “(It may help to know that I am reading the primary verb here as ‘wear’, not ‘describes’.)”

So that makes the compiler’s confusion clearer.