[I7] Stopping a timer

Is there a conveniently phrased way to stop a timed event? Say I have this:

The bomb explodes in 10 turns from now.

I want to do something like this:

After cutting the red wire: [pseudocode:]stop the "bomb explodes" countdown;

…so that the “bomb explodes” event does not ever happen.

Sure, there are other ways to create this effect; I’m just wondering if there’s a handy phrase I’m not aware of.

There isn’t. But it looks like you could add one with a few lines of I6 code.

I thought I saw an extension that allowed this… possibly by Eric Eve? I don’t think it was Variable Time Control though…

You can end a scene multiple ways with a timer and a variation if the scene ends before the timer.
See chapters 9.11 and 10.

[code]The Site is a room.

A bomb is here. Bomb can be deactivated or active. The printed name is “[if bomb is active]ticking[otherwise]deactivated[end if] time bomb”. The description is “It’s a standard time bomb with one [if bomb is deactivated]cut [end if]wire on it[if bomb is active]. You’ll need to cut that wire before it goes off[end if].”. Understand “timebomb” and “time bomb” as bomb.

A wire is part of bomb. The description is “[if bomb is deactivated]You’ve cut the wire and the bomb is safe now.[otherwise]Hopefully that’s the right wire to cut to deactivate the bomb![end if]”. Wire can be cut.

The block cutting rule is not listed in any rulebook.

Carry out cutting wire:
now wire is cut;
now bomb is deactivated.

Check cutting wire:
if wire is cut:
say “You’ve already defused the bomb and saved the orphanage.” instead.

Countdown is a scene. Countdown begins when play begins. Countdown ends when Countdown has been happening for ten turns. Countdown ends safely when wire is cut.

When Countdown ends:
say “The timer stops ticking, along with your heart for a moment…”;
if wire is not cut:
end the story saying “KABOOM! The world ends in a deafening flash of white.”;

When countdown ends safely:
say “You hold your breath… [italic type]snip…[roman type]”;
Rejoicing ensues in two turns from now.

Every turn when countdown is happening:
say “The bomb ticks menacingly.”

At the time when Rejoicing ensues:
end the story saying “You have saved the Orphanage, and half a city block! Surely that promotion will be yours now!”


I figured out the extension I was thinking of - Phrases for Adaptive Pacing by Ron Newcomb. With that, you can say “never shall the bomb explodes” and thus prevent the event from occurring. (The incorrect grammar there was intentional, since the rule for the event is called “the bomb explodes” and thus must always be referred to by exactly that name. If this bothers you, you could pluralize it to “bombs explode” or something.)

The scene approach may be better though. I dunno.