I7 : Small obstacle: Quotation inside bracket inside text

Say "You carefully explain that you prefer hot donkey milk[let the-unexpected-meal be "hot donkey milk"].";

Of course the quotation mark screws this up - maybe this wouldn’t work anyway. But can I somehow get quotation mark to do their job inside the brackets inside a piece of text?

You can’t put “let” phrases inside text like that anyway, whether there are quotes or not. Why not just use a separate statement?

You can’t put a text literal inside a substitution, but you can put a text constant in.

Changing your example to one that makes sense, with a “say” phrase:

The-meal is a text that varies. The-meal is initially "cheese".

Every turn: say "You like [the-meal]."

Milk-text is always "hot milk".

To say set meal to (T - text):
	now the-meal is T;
	say T.

Instead of jumping:
	Say "You carefully explain that you prefer [set meal to milk-text].";

Thanks, that’s some clever coding!

(and I didn’t knew “initially”)

The reason I toy around with this is that I want some of the little things to back and haunt the player later. Then maybe they feel a little less like static scenery. Or so I hope.