[I7] semicolons when listing properties

Check this out. I have bolded the relevant part:

The list of either-or properties is delimited with commas, except in two places where it’s a semi-colon (marked in red). Why? Do the semi-colons delineate some “type” of property? Are they organized into groups? What are the criteria for those groups?

Full disclosure: this has no impact whatsoever on my current WIP, nor does it relate to any actual coding problem. I just happened to notice it and it made me insanely curious.

Totally random guess: maybe they’re properties inherited from different kinds? The first three are properties an object can have, the next group are properties a thing can have, the last two are properties a person can have.

Oh, I bet you’re right. :slight_smile:

It’s nice that it groups together the ‘anonymous’ properties, but I wonder if it’d help to call out where they’re inherited from…

FWIW, Emily Short confirms that “the explanations speculated about seem right to [her] — that these are inherited from different classes” and that “[she is] not sure this needs a change in behavior.”

Just, y’know, to wrap this mini-discussion on a more conclusive note.