[I7] Reading and writing from files while inside the IDE?

My current project requires the game to read tables in from binary files. I can test the game just fine if I do a testing release, but I’m not sure how to test my game from inside the IDE, as I’m not sure where to put the binary file.

I’d like to use the IDE because the skein improves my life dramatically. Can anyone provide some guidance?

I’m on Windows, if it affects things.

In the same folder as wherever your .inform folder is.

By default that’s in Documents\Inform\Projects.

This probably depends on the operating system one is using.

Thanks! This will make life much easier.

He said he was on Windows.

“She,” actually.

Pardon me. I’m still working on learning everyone’s real names and genders.

Thanks Matt!

No worries Draconis. It’s the Internet, and I know my forum handle isn’t visibly gendered.

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