[I7] Plurals for kinds

Consider the following test game:

[code]“Apples” by Victor Gijsbers

Orchard is a room. The player is in orchard.

An apple is a kind of thing.
Understand “apple” as an apple.

A Granny Smith is a kind of apple.
A Elstar is a kind of apple.

In Orchard is an Elstar. In Orchard is a Granny Smith.

Test me with “take apples”.[/code]
I would like “take apples” to get the character to pick up all apples, but that doesn’t work. Is there a way to make this happen?

This (somewhat oddly) seems to work:

Understand "apples" as the plural of an apple.

(I was thinking of sending you an e-mail about this very thing.)

Did it have to do with scrolls rather than apples? :slight_smile:

Ding ding ding! Winner!

Testing this understand as a plural business a bit, it’s actually reasonably flexible; you can write

Understand "handled apples" as the plural of an apple when the item described is handled.

and then writing “Take handled apples” will take only the handled apples. (You wouldn’t want to do that particular thing, obviously.) And it’s fairly well documented in 16.8; all we’re doing is taking the “plurals for single things” mentioned at the end and assigning it to a bunch of single things at once.