I7: Omitting Room Name From Description

When the player enters a room, Inform automatically prints the name of the room in bold, followed by a line break and then the room description. I want to remove the bold room name and line break. I assumed the default rules for printing the room name and description would be in the “Activities” chapter of the documentation, but I can’t find any reference to them there. Does anyone know how to overwrite these rules?

If you want to override a default behaviour, it’s usually a good idea to crack open the Standard Rules and see what’s causing it. In this case, you know that this behaviour is usually caused by entering a room or looking, so open up the Standard Rules, search for one of those actions, and see which rules it calls.

Here’s the answer, though:

Thanks for the help! I’ll give that a shot next time.

What I usually do is to start running the game and type “rules.” That’ll show which rules are running in the game – in this case, just before the room name appears, you see:

Then you can easily find it in the Standard Rules.