I7: New Windows Version


Anyone here using the new Windows version (14th January 2012 6G60)? I’m getting some very strange indenting in the Source Code window with it and wanted to know if anyone else has the same issue.

I haven’t noticed anything weird, but indenting / tab stop behavior is one of the things that was changed. Can you be more specific? Is your problem with old code created in the previous version of the IDE that used to indent fine and now looks funny? or cut and pasted code? or is it the way the editor behaves when you create new code? Are tables involved?

I will try some new code but it is doing in any of my old code that used to indent perfectly. Now the tab seems to randomly change size. It will be fine and then for some blocks of code the tab triples or more in length. So, it is difficult to spot straight away as most of the code is indented perfectly, you then get this blocks that are all over the place. I’ve just checked and the games do have tables in them but the tables themselves seem unaffected. For info the PC is running X64 Windows 7. It is only a cosmetic thing as the code will compile fine.

That sounds like the new support for elastic tabstops: you can disable this from the Format menu.

Disabling Elastic Tabstops has sorted it out thanks. Didn’t spot that option on the menu. I assume they have a purpose but they really make the code look weird.

I believe the purpose is only to make tables’ columns line up. What non-table code did you write that activated the elastic tabstops?

Nothing but standard statements like the following. This is an example of the type of thing you see.

Instead of groping a man:
say “You decided that groping [the noun] would be a really bad idea.”;

Instead of searching a man:
say “You decided that searching [the noun] would not be such a good idea.”;[/code]

In the above it is just a single tab before the say statement.