I7: multiple doors in corridor

Hi all, sorry if this is a mega basic question but I couldn’t find the solution in the documentation!

Basically, I want to have a building with a layout a bit like a prison. There’s an elevator that can take you to several floors (I have already coded this bit, based on the Dubai example). Then when you come out of the elevator you can go left or right. Either way takes you from the landing into a corridor. At the moment I am happy for the corridor to be just one room. On each side of you there should be several doors leading to rooms (like a hallway with prison cells coming off both sides). Ideally, you would go into the corridor and the following play sequence would be possible:

“You are in the corridor. Along the walls to both sides of you there are doors to different inmates’ cells with their names on small pieces of card in slots on the doors: Johnson, Harrison, Clarke, and Wong”.
Enter Wong’s room.
“You are in Wong’s room. Wong growls at you angrily.”
“You are in the corridor…”
Enter Clarke’s room.


This seems like it should be super simple – what’s the best way to get this effect? Thanks!

This is the easiest way I can think of.

The Corridor is a room.

Wong's room is a room. Johnson's room is a room. Harrison's room is a room. Clarke's room is a room.

There is a door called the door to Wong's room. It is northeast of the Corridor and southwest of Wong's room.
There is a door called the door to Johnson's room. It is east of the Corridor and west of Johnson's room.

Thanks Draconis. Is this method limited by the number of directions? I.e. is it an issue if there are two doors to the west of the corridor?

Yes. You can only have one door per direction. HanonO and I have been working on an extension which allows non-directional (IFMUD-style) doors, but it’s not quite ready to release yet.

The easy workaround is to make your corridor a long series of connected rooms – the far east end of the corridor, the middle of the east side of the corridor, the east side of the corridor near the elevator, and so on. (Not sure whether you’d have to use special naming conventions to keep Inform 7 from getting bollixed up.) Then each room can have up to 6 cell doors. You would also want to figure out a way to have the far end of the corridor visible from further off (and so forth), in case something large has been dropped there.