[i7] Inform not reading a text property as text??

So, this is probably something really simple that I’m over looking but I’ve tried looking through the documentation and, well, as far as I can tell its correct.

I’m setting up my game to be mostly run through inline hyperlinks. I have the linking system set up (I think) but I can’t even get as far as testing it because of inform isn’t reading a text property as text. Here’s what I got.

[code]A thing has a text called an item-shortcut. Understand an item-shortcut as describing a thing.

The Old Dagger is a wearable thing. The item-shortcut of the Old Dagger is odg.[/code]

Now here’s the problem. Inform is kicking back the following error:

At first, I thought maybe something in my game was breaking it somehow as I’ve already done quite a bit of work on it. I can take those exact lines above and add the following code to a completely blank game.

[code]The odg is carried by the player.

The Start is a room[/code]

Literally, the entire game are the two codes together and I’m still getting the error. So how can a thing having a text property not be read as text when it is, in fact, text?

Why do you think it is a text? A text is something like “odg” with quotes around it… “The odg is carried by the player.” creates a thing, not a text.

For some reason I was thinking just saying item-short is X was the same thing as “X”. Sorry, haven’t really done much work with value properties yet and I guess I just overlooked the presence of the quotes in the documentation. Looking back at it now, it seems pretty obvious.

All good! Inform isn’t always very predictable, but it is still a lot of fun.

It has been. I’ve been more concerned about most of the back end engine stuff to really get cranking on things but its been a blast so far.

On the plus side, I only needed minor tweaks and my hyperlinking for item control works great! Took me a while to figure out why the [as] function in Inline hyperlinks wasn’t working but that was apparently caused by placing [end link] after an [end if] command, not before. Weird.