[I7]How long can be a music file?

I have followed the development of Inform7 since the start but never have coded anything more than fun rooms for myself.
Now I am trying to code a game and would like to have information on music (if possible I may put some into).

I want to know if I can use several music files, what formats are supported, as well the max length or weight of a single file.
Well, I’d like to know the limitations and the possibilities.

By the way is it possible to play a music by scene for example?

Chapter 22.7 of the documentation suggests no limit to the length of sound files. Formats have to be AIFF or OGG. The extension Multiple Sounds by Massimo Stella lets you play soundfiles continuously or a specific number of times, or even several soundfiles at once. It seems this extension would make it easy to start playing a sound file when a scene begins and stop it when the scene ends.

Thank you for your help.
I checked the extension and it may be updated soon so it is very good news.