I7: How do you say If (x > n) {...} in I7?

Sorry if this is a stupid question but I can’t find the answer in the documentation.

I’ve been trying variations of the following without much luck.

After drinking the water: if tiredness is more than 0 then...

Use “greater than” or “if tiredness > 0”-- see ch. 14 “Numbers and Equations”, specifically:

Also, make sure the code block after the condition (the part that would be in the curly braces in the pseudo code of your subject line) is set off properly. Note that the use of “then” is deprecated. You can use a comma instead if there’s only one phrase following the condition. For a block, use either the begin / end syntax or the python-style indenting (see ch 11.6 - 11.7).

It was my code block that was causing the problem.