I7 Handbook Nearing Completion

Version 0.7 of The Inform 7 Handbook is now available at musicwords.net/if/i7hb.htm. This version is close to 95% complete.

I’ve already had a few very kind emails from people who are finding the Handbook useful. In case you missed the initial announcement … the idea is to present the basics of I7 programming in a task-oriented manner, so that novices (either adult or younger) can get started writing games more easily. There’s a whole chapter on creating rooms and scenery, another chapter on characters, and so on.

Advanced topics such as relations and Glulx effects are covered only in a superficial, dip-your-toes-in-the-water way. The Handbook is never going to be a 500-page O’Reilly monstrosity, or at least I hope not; but it is a book-length work – 75,000 words and counting.

It’s a PDF with bookmarks, clickable cross-references, and a glossary. Your feedback and error-checking will be much appreciated! (My email address is at the end of the Foreword.)

–Jim Aikin

P.S.: Props to OpenOffice Writer, which supplied the cross-referencing and TOC handles.

Hi Jim, I just downloaded version 0.7 today. It’s been a great help for me learning to use I7, recommend it to anyone who feels the inspiration to write their IF masterpiece using Inform 7 but knows little or nothing about how to go about it. It’s certainly inspired me to read and learn… and start work writing my first I7 game.

… at least I will start once I finish reading the handbook!

The Inform 7 Handbook is now at version 0.95. It’s available for download from musicwords.net/if/i7hb.htm.

I’ve had lots of good input from various Inform experts, to say nothing of proofreading to clean up a few typos. Also, the kids in my class keep asking questions about stuff they want to do, so I add those bits too. The Handbook is more than 200 pages long, and has extensive cross-references.

I hope Inform newcomers will find it useful. So far, the feedback has been very positive.

–Jim Aikin