[I7, Glulx, Quixe] "Resetting" or "Reapplying" Text Styles

I wasn’t sure how to word the title here. The basis of my question is just wondering if there’s a way to force the style settings that have been established (with Glulx Text Effects, for example) to “reset” or be “reapplied” if they are lost.

I know that in the Glulx Text Effects extension there is a rule about:

Before starting the virtual machine (this is the sort the Table of User Styles rule)

And then, within that, phrases like:

now the background color in row row1 of the Table of User Styles is the background color entry.

I tried to simply put those statements in one of my own rules such that if styles got lost, I could call that rule and run those phrases as they were run when the VM started up. That, however, does not appear to work.

I don’t know any other way to describe this other than “resetting” or “reapplying” the rules related to styling. So far the only two cases where I’ve observed the problem happening is when a restart command is given or when the screen is cleared.

Glulx Text Effects will reapply them if the game restarts, and clearing screens won’t make them stop being applied. The only way styles will go away is if a window is destroyed and recreated, but if you use Flexible Windows then it will handle the styles too.

Does the problem happen in the I7 IDE? Or is it just with the Quixe interpreter? I know how to fix that bug, just need to get to it…

Ah, sorry, I should have made that clear: yes, this is just in the Quixe interpreter. It doesn’t happen in the IDE or with Lectrote. (I updated the title of this post to rectify that oversight.)

In fact, I’m using the custom “Quixe-with-stylehints” that you provided here: [I7, Glulx] Retaining Text Style Settings in Web Interpreter.

The current class curriculum has the teachers clearing the screen. The problem also happens on a restart but they don’t plan on restarting the story files all that much. The clear screen is being used so that they can more easily show concepts without clutter.

This bug is finally fixed now with the new template: