[I7] Failing to Understand as new

This is one of those annoying instances where something trivial causes errors I can’t comprehend.

[code]Understand the command “get out/off/down/up” as something new.

The Lounge is a room. “This is a room with various surfaces and furniture.”

Test me with “get up”.[/code]

The understand-as-new instruction obviously refuses to have an effect. Is there something obvious I’ve overlooked?

You can only understand one word as something new. You’ll have to do “Understand the command “get” as something new” and then replace all the "get"s you want to keep, like taking.

I’ve always wondered why Inform doesn’t throw an error when the author requests to understand more than one word as something new. If it doesn’t have any effect, why allow it at all?

I suppose that’s what threw me, yeah. In any case, thank you.

I’ve reported this as a bug.