[i7] equivalent of [noun] in error message?

I was wondering about having a helpful parser tell you where items are, in case they are missing and you should know where they are. But the below code doesn’t seem to work–parser error rules don’t remember nouns.

[code]room 1 is a room. room 2 is east of room 1. The macguffin is in room 2.

Rule for printing a parser error when the latest parser error is the can’t see any such thing error:
say “The [noun] is actually in [location of the noun], so you can’t do that here.”

test mac with “x mac/e/x mac/w/x mac”

I could use scope to reject doing something physical with a noun, but this seems like overkill. I was wondering if there was a more sensible way to finagle things I was overlooking.

Thanks for any suggestions!

The basic problem here is that if the parser doesn’t recognize what you’re referring to, by definition it can’t set the noun. It’s also not an easy problem to solve in practice, because you probably don’t want to say that about things and rooms the player has not yet seen or are out of play, and you don’t want to trigger a needless disambiguation where every option is wrong (each item unreachable).

Fortunately Aaron Reed’s extension Remembering does the heavy lifting: inform7.com/extensions/Aaron%20R … index.html

Thanks! I was thinking “something like Epistemology” and this seems to include it. So, yeah.