I7: Custom descriptions for characters when seated

Hello all,

This might seem really obvious, but I’ve tried lots of ways and I can’t work out what the rule is.

I want to change the description of a seated character (a character on a supporter) when either listed in the room description, or in the description of the supporter itself.

For example, I would like “On the chair is Fred.” to become “Fred leans back in his chair, with his feet propped up on the table.”

Many thanks,


You can do this by writing a rule for the chair rather than the person.

[code]Test Chamber is a room.

The chair is an enterable supporter in the Test Chamber. A man called Gordon is on the chair.

Rule for writing a paragraph about the chair when a person (called the sitter) is on the chair:
say “[The sitter] sits on the edge of the chair, looking uncomfortable.”[/code]

Of course. Thank you, Mike!