i7 : creating dynamic rooms

Hi all,

Is there a simple way I can create rooms on the fly during play? So, for example, I might want to create an x by x maze. Where I randomly assign x a number, and if, say it was 2, I would create four rooms, their descriptions, the exits out of them…and so on…but, and this is important, these would be actual rooms that the player could do things like drop stuff and what not.i.e. They are persistant and recognised by i7 as rooms with all that that implies.

Apologies is there’s documentation for this, but I can’t see anything.

Thanks in advance,


n.b. I’m not going to create a maze. I don’t like mazes, but that was the best quick example i could think of!

There’s an extension (Dynamic Objects) which allows this. But it’s simpler to pick a maximum value for X and then create enough rooms to satisfy the largest possible map.

A mazeroom is a kind of room.
There are 16 mazerooms.

Then you have to do a little more work to select unused mazerooms out of the pool and connect them up.

There’s also an extension called Dynamic Rooms (which are not dynamic in the same way as Dynamic Objects, which is confusing) that basically automates what zarf mentioned. One of the examples even shows how to randomly generate a maze during play.

Thanks guys. Much appreciated. I will explore.