I7 code help needed MENUS / Conditional Activity / Me rule

I need some coding help (surprise, surprise! :laughing: )

Conditional Acitvity (Possibly made-up)

First you’ll have to understand the “dynamics” of the situation. The typer/player is viewing everything through his phone/computer and is speaking to the protagonist/narrator. She is basically been “watched/recorded” and so has on her person: glasses and a phone.

What I would like to happen is if you tell her >change clothes , she proceeds to take off her glasses and phone *at that point you lose the “connection” with her so the IRL player doesn’t know anymore (so something like a wait/press any key game pause) next thing she has the glasses on (game “plays” when she has glasses on) and then picks the phone back up, if you examine her, she has different clothes on. I hope that makes sense :wink:

Separation of you & me

This isn’t really important, but just wanted to check whether this may cause problems down the line. I wanted to separate the protogonist from the IRL player, so did the following (changed names and removed a few extra pieces of code that have nothing to do with the situation). So far I am not having any problems (when testing I just say “test you jump / wave / talk.” etc instead of me, which works fine. But is there anywhere else I could end up having problems down the line? I spent ages on this problem, and this was the only solution that actually worked.

So other than the “test me” area, is there anywhere else I could have problems with this type of code?

Thank for anyone who can help out with these three problems .


Problem with making a MENU
Have tried/looked at Menus by Emily Short, and other extensions
I want to create a menu that is slightly unusual. I inputted Menus by E.S. which overall is fine, I just really have two changes needed/problems:

  • Stuff needs to be able to appear on the menu at certain points in the game (so before where there was one “submenu” now there are 3, etc. Having everything there right from the beginning would just look weird considering what I want to do with it. Felix gave ideas for this, have yet to try it. Also downloaded extension "Adaptive Hints by Eric Eve, so may also try combining Menus & Adaptive Hints.

Solved-After entering menu/help, the top of the screen says “Instructions” is there anyway to change this? Felix gave answer below.

SolvedChange “I didn’t understand that sentence.” to something like “What on earth are you yabbering on about?” climbingstars gave answer below.

SolvedPossibility of not having to “take” items before certain actions? climbingstars gave answer below

SolvedChanging >wave “I wave, feeling foolish” to “waving Hello, you big…” climbingstarsgave answer below

Solved"You can’t see any such thing" - Need to change this as a general thing, but also in response to things like “climb”, it should respond with “Climb what?” instead of “You can’t see…” and the ability to just say what you want in response to that (closed/open question?) so you can say >toilet (you climb the toilet). climbingstars gave answer below

SolvedSounds is listing the actual names of things rather than the sounds of the items in the room. Was having to input too much code in the first place. I downloaded Touchy Feely extension to replace current Senses code.

Thanks to those who already helped by solving some of the problems :smiley:

Set the ‘current menu title’ variable: When play begins: now the current menu title is "Peekaboos".

Either write several tables and change the value of the ‘current menu’ variable at appropriate times Carry out asking for help when the player wears the top hat: now the current menu is the Table of Some Brand New Options; carry out the displaying activity; clear the screen; try looking. or create the needed number of blank rows in the original table and fill them in as needed (see the Manual ch. 15.9 & 15.10 for how-to). I guess it depends on the details of your game which is the better solution.

Just FYI, even “test me” doesn’t have to create a problem; you can call your test scripts anything you want, like “test this,” “test that,” etc.
“Test me” is just a traditional name that the documentation uses, but if you’re concerned that it might cause a problem you can change it. See section 2.8 of Writing with Inform.

Normally, typing “climb” on its own will say “What do you want to climb?”. If you want to change this, try this.


Understand “Climb” as climbing.

Rule for supplying a missing noun while climbing: say “Climb what?”.

The Testing Room is A Room.

Test me with “climb / climb self”.[/code]

There are 2 ways you can do this. The first is to use the rule for printing a parser error activity, like so.


Rule for printing a parser error when the latest parser error is the didn’t understand error: say “What on earth are you yabbering on about?”.

The Testing Room is A Room.[/code]

The second is to use an extension like “Default Messages by Ron Newcomb” or “Custom Library Messages by Ron Newcomb” to change the messages.

Try this.


An action-processing rule (this is the advanced carrying requirements rule):
unless eating or wearing or taking off, anonymously abide by the carrying requirements rule.

The advanced carrying requirements rule is listed instead of the carrying requirements rule in the action-processing rulebook.

The can’t wear what’s not held rule is not listed in the check wearing rulebook.

The Testing Room is A Room. The apple is in the testing room. The apple is edible. The hat is in the testing room. The hat is wearable.

Test me with “wear hat / take off hat / eat apple”.[/code]

This will work for just eating, wearing and taking off at the moment, but you can easily add others.

There are 2 ways you can do this. The first is to unlist the check rule and add a new rule to the action, like so.


The block waving hands rule is not listed in the check waving hands rulebook.

Carry out waving hands (this is the standard waving hands rule): say “waving Hello, you big…”.

The Testing Room is A Room.

Test me with “wave”.[/code]

The second is to use an extension like “Default Messages by Ron Newcomb” or “Custom Library Messages by Ron Newcomb” to change the messages.

Hope this helps.