I7 - Clear the screen

How can I clear the screen every time I enter a room?
I have tryed

" Before printing the locale description:
clear the screen;
rule succeeds. "

using Basic Screen Effects by Emily Short.
but this never shows the room description.

Using an “After going” rule should work better.

There was a game in the last year’s IFComp, Berrost’s Challenge, that did the same. Some people hated it (the screen clearing, that is). The problem is that once the game clears the screen you can’t scroll back to previous text. So unless you have a very good gameplay reason for clearing the screen, I would suggest against it.


Thank you for your reply, and pointing me in the right direction, works with

" before going:
clear the screen. "

Thanks again for your help

Try adding “Include Basic Screen Effects By Emily Short” above the code.