I7 bug verification

A lot of I7 bugs have been filed recently, and it would be helpful if more people could volunteer to confirm them.

This is not hard:

  • Go to inform7.com/mantis/my_view_page.php (and sign up for an account if you haven’t)
  • Click the “Recently Modified” header to see more bugs
  • Select a bug with status “new” (red-tinted entries)
  • Fire up the latest Inform (release 6L38, please)
  • Copy in the source-test-to-reproduce. See if it happens for you.
  • If it doesn’t, comment and say so.
  • If it does, mark it confirmed.
    • Go to the button-row above “Relationships”
    • Set the second pop-up menu to “Confirmed”
    • Hit the “Change Status To” button.
    • Add a comment (doesn’t have to be more than “Yup” if you have nothing to add) and submit it.
    • Be sure you don’t accidentally reassign the bug to somebody. (There’s a pop-up menu in the confirm form.) At this stage, bugs are assigned to nobody (blank).

Also, if the original report doesn’t include a copy-and-paste of the exact problem message, add one in a comment. (Assuming the bug involves an error.)

Basic users (reporters) can’t change ticket statuses. They can only add notes and tags.

…well, now I feel stupid.

(I’ve been marking confirmation for a while, and I thought I started out as a basic user. Memory has betrayed me.)

So, Juhana, can you give privs to volunteers? We need some volunteers at this point.

Sure, I wouldn’t mind doing it but I have a reporter account myself so I’d need to get that elevated first.

Here’s a direct link to all the new unconfirmed issues: inform7.com/mantis/search.php?pr … atus_id=-2

For appointing some more people to confirm reports, the best person to talk to is probably eu. I don’t know if the I7 team want to just appoint any old person, but there are probably some regular reporters who it would make sense to promote.

I’m happy to volunteer to confirm bugs as Zarf describes. It seems like a small amount of effort on my part for a moderate gain (or at least a lessening of using others’ time less productively).

Although I have kept an eye on the tracker for quite some time, the account is very new as I’ve not needed to report anything before or interact in any way. My username here is the same as on the bug tracker.