[I7 bug?] No such constant as "LIST_OF_TY_RemoveValue"


the demo is a room. 

to crash (X - a thing) with (stack - a list of things):
	remove X from stack;

won’t compile, causing a “Translating the source - failed” with this on the progress tab:

but that’s an incomplete code, so it’s maybe not a biggie.

Also, this

the demo is a room. 

the memory is a list of objects that varies.

to move (X - a thing) to top of (stack - a list of things):
	if X is listed in stack, remove X from stack;
	add X to stack;

after examining a thing: 
	move the noun to top of memory.

fails with one of those scary skulls and

If you change it to

The memory is a list of things that varies.

everything seems to work.

So this has something to do with typing of lists, and it’s not like these are serious errors, it’s more that the compiler should recognize them and print more sensible error messages I guess. I don’t know enough of the inner workings of this machine to help more than that I’m afraid. Is this something that should go into Mantis?

These are bugs 836 and 1047 (though it might be worth commenting on the latter since the test cases look different).