I7: Asking,telling,saying to get the text

Say you tell a character something, how would you go about grabbing that text.

Say I have a setup room with a statue, I want to set my characters name so I have been trying things like:

Instead of telling the statue about something: say "test: [something]".

Obviously this doesn’t work, but I am getting a bit bothered now.

I want them to be able to tell it or interact with it in some way for them to set the text.

The text is stored to a variable called “topic understood” (see ch. 16.5 in the manual).

Instead of telling the statue about something: say "test: [topic understood]".

Thank you, that’s very helpful! Only been working with it a few days. But I have been learning quickly.

The syntax of the language bothers me a bit as a programmer thou.

Not to start a new Platform Wars thread, but … you might want to take a look at TADS 3 (http://www.tads.org/). It’s a C-type language for IF development, and is really very full-featured.

Inform 7 can be tricky because the code looks like English, but it’s very easy to say something in a manner that makes total English sense, but Inform won’t understand.

This might help you out a bit if you stick with Inform 7: