[i7] asking player to do nonsense command

I want my dialogue detection to be semi smart and give the player credit for roughly telling the parser what to do. In the example below, I want Barny to know what to do if he hears password, but my guess doesn’t work.

[code]“hi” by andrew

room 1 is a room. barny is a person in room 1.

the block answering rule is not listed in any rulebook.

persuasion rule for asking barny to try doing something (this is the b1 rule) :
if the player’s command matches the regular expression “password”:
say “Got it.”;
say “Nope.”;
the rule succeeds;

test pwd with “barny,password”[code]

What is the proper syntax for using persuasion rules for this? Or should I be using some error code?

I’d also be curious if there was a way for the parser to convert



TELL BARNY ABOUT PASSWORD, where password is a topic.


You can try something like this (I’m using build 6G60):


Room 1 is a room. Barny is a person in room 1.

Instead of answering Barny that when the player’s command includes “password”, say “Got it.”

test pwd with “barny, password”.[/code]

Oh, man. I feel kinda silly now. So caught up with learning persuasion recently. Thank you!

That is actually what happens automatically, but the action is “answering that”.

After answering Barny that "password": say "Got it."