[I7] Adventure Book Error

I’m new to Inform and I was interested in seeing how it could work for choice-based games, so I downloaded the extension Adventure Book. I started a new project and included it, but testing the ‘Hello world’ code given in the documentation, I get this error:

I fiddled around with the extension’s source code (this is in ‘Rebuilding the list of choices’) for a bit, but I’m as green as the day is long, and anything mildly complicated is still an enigma. Anyone have thoughts on how this could be fixed?

This is a version incompatibility problem. The “change X to Y” syntax was removed in version 6L02, but that extension hasn’t been updated since 6G60.

At the moment the Inform site is mostly being used as an archive of old extensions. Check the Public Library (also accessible from the Extensions tab of the IDE) and the experiments repository for ones that will work with 6L02 and beyond. Sorry, it’s a bit of a mess, but people are still working on a way to organize extensions for different Inform versions without conflict.

Ah, I see. So if I replace the code in the Adventure Book extension I have with the updated version on GitHub, that’ll work, or do I need to download a new extension?

EDIT: Never mind. Tried saving as a new extension and re-installing it, and it seems to be working smoothly. Thanks for the help!