[I7 6L02] Changing the pronoun with adaptive pronouns

I’m working on something third-person, using the new “now the story viewpoint is third person singular” command. The problem is, I don’t like the way pronouns are used.

>push wall She can't see any such thing.

I’d really like it to print the printed name of the noun in place of “she”.

>push wall The Countess Examplia can't see any such thing.

Right now, the only way I know to fix this is to rewrite the default messaging for everything in the Standard Library… which negates most of the reason to use the story viewpoint setting.

Does anyone have a brilliant way to just tweak the pronoun?

Pronouns are defined in the extension “English Language”. By replacing the relevant parts of that (using the “Section … in place of …” syntax) you can change the definitions of we, us, ours, etc. to use the printed name of the player.

Perfect, thank you!