[I7 6G60] About understanding things by their properties

I’d like to be able to refer to things as just their property. For example, in this example:

[code]Living room is a room. Jane is a woman in living room. Player is Jane.

Colour is a kind of a value. Colours are red, blue and yellow.
A box is a kind of a container. A box has a colour. The colour of a box is usually red. The printed name of a box is “[colour] box”.

Ruddy box is a red box in the living room. Khaki box is a yellow box in the living room.

Understand the colour property as referring to a box.[/code]

I could say “take red box” and it’d understand it as taking the ruddy box, but if I just wrote “take red”, it would not. Is there some way to make it so?

“…as describing…” See 17.15.

I can’t believe I missed that. Thanks!