I7 6E59 - bug?

So I bit the bullet and installed 6E59. It’s a lot faster, which is good. However, a problem reared its head pretty soon. I reproduced it as follows:

The tiny model house is a thing.

A detail is a kind of thing. A detail has some text called alternative. The alternative is usually "a miniature [noun]".
A window is a detail. A porch is a detail. A roof is a detail. The window, the porch, and the roof are parts of the house.

The Mess Hall is a room. The player is in the Mess Hall. The model house is in the Mess Hall.
The description of the tiny model house is "[alt-text]".

To say alt-text:
	repeat with item running through things part of the model:
		say "[alternative of the item] ([item])[line break]".

test me with "x model".

To clarify, I can list the name of an item. But when I try to access the properties of said item, they seem to apply to the thing incorporating the item.

Am I doing something wrong, or is this a bug?

The problem is your code. You want this for your property text:

The alternative is usually "a miniature [item described]".

The [noun] token refers to the noun typed by the player, whereas [item described] refers to whatever object is currently being described.


…I should have known. Um. Does it count as a bug report when the bug is in one’s own code? :frowning:

More seriously, thanks a lot. This’ll let me move forward.