I6 verb scope

To be short I am trying to create a verb “cast” that only applies to spells, which are out of world.

Here’s the problem code scope = [; return ofclass = spell; ] Here’s the error messages

Look at chapter 32 in the I6 manual (inform-fiction.org/manual/html/s32.html). The QueryTopic discussion in the middle of the chapter shows how to define a scope token.

okay Changed it to [code]Verb “cast”

  • scope = Magic -> cast;

[ Magic i ;
if(scope_stage == 1) rfalse;
if (scope_stage == 2) { objectloop( i ofclass spell) PlaceInScope(i); rtrue;}
“No such in game.”;
] ;[/code]but now it says

It’s been many years since my I6 programming, and this may have absolutely nothing to do with your problem… but try putting single quotes around ‘cast’ instead of doubles. That’s the only thing I can see that doesn’t fit the old syntax that I remember.

**EDIT: Also, I think your Magic routine needs to be defined before the verb declaration in your source code.