[I6] "Take" verb

Dear all, (hi Zarf!^^)
I have written a routine for a verb "photograph ". Works fine. I would like "take photo of " to work as well. “Extend ‘take’ first * ‘photo of’ noun -> Verb_Photograph;” does not work, the reaction to "take photo of " is “I didn’t understand that sentence.” How can I overrule the internal Take routine?

You have to break up the phrase ‘photo of’ into something like this:

Extend 'take' first
     * 'photo' 'of' noun  -> Verb_Photograph;
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I think you need:
'photo'/'photograph' 'of'
In other words, single quotes around the two individual words.

Sorry, didn’t notice that Jason had already answered it.

Works like a charm. Thanks!