[I6] Random room descriptions

I have rooms where parts of the description randomly changes every time the player ‘looks’.

“You are in a cave with RAND1 and RAND2.”

RAND1 pulls randomly from a list of words.
RAND2 pulls randomly from another list of words.

Can it be done?

I’m programming since about two weeks only, so while I’m sure there’s an elegant solution, I’d do it with SWITCH for now. Like,

Object my_cave “in a cave”
with description [;
print "You are in a cave with ";
1: print “Muammar al-Gaddafi”;
2: print “Kermit the Frog”;
3: print “an animate giant testicle”;
print “.”;
has light etc.

Per §1.14 of DM4:

print "You are in a cave with ", (string)random("a", "b", "c"), " and ", (string)random("x", "y", "z"), ".^";