I6 patch for UTF-8 source files

A few months ago, minus273 offered an I6 patch which allowed users to write their source files in UTF-8 rather than using @-style character escapes. See this thread: [log] Porting Inform 6 to Chinese

I’ve finally integrated it into my Inform work tree. (It’s not exactly the same patch; I fixed a couple of small bugs.)

Until this is absorbed by the official I6 release, you can download the patch here:
github.com/erkyrath/inform6/com … b7dfddecbe

Compiler unit tests: github.com/erkyrath/glk-dev/tre … /unittests (chinesedicttest.inf and unisourcetest.inf).

This doesn’t directly affect I7 users, because the I7 IDE already handles UTF-8 source code (and does all the necessary escaping automatically).

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Does the official I6 release now contain this patch?

Yes. github.com/DavidKinder/Inform6

Hurrah! Thank you for bringing UTF-8 to Inform 6.

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Inform 6.33 was released in 2014 with that change in, so the source and some executables (OSX and Windows) are available from the IF-Archive as well: