I6: Ordering NPCs

Dear all,

could someone please explain to me how Order: works? Never used it before and now noticed the documentation gives me hints but I always fail. What I do is
if(action==##Follow) “TEST”;
and I define me a [ FollowSub; dummy routine. But “NPC, follow me” is not recognized. What am I supposed to do? “NPC, follow me” is what I need to parse, and if I learn how Order: generally works, all the better.


Order works pretty much like before. To make sure I was doing it right, I first created the new verb:

[code]Verb ‘follow’
* noun -> Follow

print "But “;
print (the) noun;
print_ret " isn’t moving.”;
I then gave my NPC a simple response to it:

Object Bob "Bob" study with name 'bob' 'man', description "He's rather chubby, and his shirt tail isn't tucked in.", following 0, orders [; Jump: "~Okay, watch me -- here I go!~ Bob takes a standing leap."; Follow: if (noun == player) { self.following = 1; "~Sure thing. Where are we going?~"; } else "~I'm not sure how to do that,~ Bob admits."; ] has proper animate ;
In a real game, you would need to test whether Bob.following is true when the player character is in the process of moving. Does that make sense?

It does, it does - i didn’t create a verb. Hope that helps already.

In fact I don’t even want the NPC to follow the player, I just want to parse the order.

Works indeed, thaaanks! :slight_smile: