[I6] No response when attempting to drop a worn item with no_implicit_actions = true

I just noticed that if you are using no_implicit_actions and you attempt to drop a worn object, the action fails, but you get no response. A transcript goes something like this:

>get amulet

>wear it
You put on the amulet.

>drop it


It should say something like “You need to remove the amulet first.”

I’ve raised an issue for @DavidG at GitLab, but just thought I’d mention it here, in case anyone wanted to express an opinion.

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I worked around it for now by giving my clothing items:
before_implicit 0,

So I allow the implicit disrobe before drop in these cases. I can live with that.

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@DavidG has fixed this issue. It will be in the next release. If you want to get the bleeding edge, you can download it from GitLab.