I6: how is (The) and (the) generated

Consider this bit of code:

print_ret (The) Sock, " smells like ", (the) thing, ".";

And also suppose that in some circumstances the sock can smell like the PC. In the Library 6/11 and earlier, this would return “The sock smell like yourself.”. Not optimal, but understandable. That “yourself” came from the short_name property of selfobj. Now with additional narrative voices, the behavior of (the) needs to be updated a bit. I would like to make it return “me” in first-person mode and “you” in second person mode. I can’t figure out where (the) is coded for. Is it somewhere in the compiler?

It’s in the Library. At module/parserm.h… CDefArt().

It turned out to be Defart() instead. This problem is now fixed.