I6 - having trouble with GBlorb

I’m trying to have an image display at the start of the game in the area above the game title. This is the first time I’m using Glulx and Blorb, and I’m not quite sure what to do. I’m using 64-bit Win7, so the initial guides I read by Roger Firth, Adam Cadre, and Doe to use IBlorb don’t apply. So now I’m using GBlorb and I’ve set up the resource file as follows:

0 cell.ulx

1 pic0.jpeg

And I have the following lines in my Initialise routine. These are the problem I guess, but I really don’t understand the documentation that I’ve and can’t seem to find useful example source.

win1 = glk_window_open(gg_mainwin, 600, 450, wintype_Graphics, 1);
glk_image_draw(win1, 1, imagealign_Inlineup, 0);

So I compile cell.ulx, then launch GBlorb, load the resource file, and create cell.gblorb. When I open cell.gblorb, though, no image displays. Can anybody tell me what I’ve messed up?

The glk_window_open call looks wrong—check the function’s documentation. Depending on what kind of window you open, you might also need to adjust the glk_image_draw call, as documented here.

Thanks, I seem to have it basically fixed now, although reading the Glk spec is still a slog for me. Time to try sound I guess.