I6: Executing orders routine for the PC

Is there any reason that the Inform 6 Library should execute the player’s orders routine if it exists? This came up when I fooling around with an NPC that looks like this:

Object -> George "George"
        with name 'George',
        short_name "George",
        description "It's George.",
        before [;
                "You feel oddly disoriented for a moment.";
        orders [;
                <<take noun, actor>>;
                <<drop noun second, actor>>;
        has male proper animate transparent;

I can order George to pick up or drop things. If I hit George, I become George. Thereafter if I pick up something (as George), the interpreter will crash with a stack overflow error. I can fathom no reason why a character directly under the player’s control should have the orders routine run. I highly doubt that anyone would write an NPC that would attempt to give orders to the PC. Your thoughts?

See exercise 52 in DM4.

Ugh… Now that you pointed that out, it seems obvious.