[I6] Converting Z5/Z8 to Run in Browser

My search-fu on the forum is failing me.

I have this memory (perhaps faulty) of a thread discussing how a project written in Inform 6 could somehow be “converted” into JavaScript and used to run via a web browser, similar to what Inform 7 provides with Quixe or Parchment. I know Inform 6 games play on ifdb but I wanted to make sure there was a way to do this without hosting the game on ifdb.

Any tips or pointers would be appreciated.

you can repackage inform 6 games with inform 7, and then release them with a website.

take a look at the chapter of the documentation:

§25.15. Republishing existing works of IF

Also, the easiest way to play a Z game online is just using parchment:

iplayif.com/?story=http://mirror … llRoads.z5

replace the url of the hosted game with yours. Link the whole url from your website.

Yes, Parchment deals with any z5/z8 game–it doesn’t matter whether the file was created with Inform 6 or 7 or something else, even. And the iplayif URL Ruber gave you will work for one of those no matter where it’s hosted. In fact IFDB doesn’t host games, the “play online” button just generates that iplayif URL for wherever the game is hosted.

Thank you for the above. Also, my search-fu finally kicked in. This is the thread I was thinking of:

turning old .z5 file into playable website

Specifically referencing this zcode2js.py.