I6 : compiler -r , character \E0 in gametext.txt file

when I compile with the -r option, I have a character \E0 in my gametext.txt file.
My libraries and source code are encoded in UTF-8.

French UTF-8 libraries:

In room1

\E0            .            ,            ,a           ,b           ,c           
,d           ,e           -en          -l'          -la          -le          
-les         -leur        -lui         -moi         -soi         -toi         
-y           a            accrocher    acheter      actionner    again   

English libraries:

In room1

.            ,            ,a           ,b           ,c           ,d           
,e           a            about        above        adjust       again        
against      all          amusing      an           and          another      
answer       apart        ask          at           attach       attack       
awake        awaken       below        blow         both         bother    

All right, I get it. Dictionary words with accents are not correctly displayed in gametext.txt (himself is not encoded in UTF-8).

I suppose the best choice would be for gametext.txt to be written out in the same character encoding as the source text (determined by the -C option). I’m not sure what the current behavior is.

But since Inform compiler supports UTF-8 encoding, what is the point of choosing a different encoding for input and output files? For accounting with old game code sources?

I’m suggesting that the -C option should control the encoding for both text input (source files) and text output (gametext.txt).

…I admit it’s not a high-priority feature addition.