I6 command adds [perform...] to I7

I’m looking for the web page that had this one-line of code that adds a [PERFORM] function in I7 to make things happen within text descriptions.

It started like “to say perform…” something.

The usage was like:

say "[one of]I'm not going to open the door.[or]I told you I can't open the door.[or]Okay, I'll open the door.[perform now front door is open][or]I opened it already![stopping]"

Anyone know this line of code, or the website? It was something like “tricks for inform 7” kind of thing.

It looks like the original website is dead. One of the Glimmr extensions has the line you’re looking for, and a link to the (dead) website:

[code]Section - Greasing the wheels for callbacks

[From John Clemens: http://www.math.psu.edu/clemens/IF/I7tricks.html#command]

To say perform/@ (ph - phrase): (- if (0==0) {ph} -).[/code]

The archived version is still accessible.

That’s it! Thank you ever so much.