[I6] Change of Object Names

So I have this object,

Object dummy "dummy"
    with name 'dummy' 'bla',
has static scenery;

How can I add names to this object? (And because I will definately need this later on, how can I delete names from it?)

If you only need limited flexibility, you can say

with name 'dummy' 'dummy' 'dummy' 'dummy',

The parser doesn’t care about duplicates, so this just matches ‘dummy’. Then change any of the entries by saying “obj.&name–>3 = ‘foo’;” You can’t add new entries this way, so you could only access entries 0 to 3 in this example. To delete entries, change some of them back to duplicates.

The more general approach is to write a parse_name routine and recognize exactly the words you want based on other object properties.

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