[I6] Bocfel and the abbreviation 'x//' equal to 0

It’s hard to explain what’s going on with Bocfel and abbreviation ‘x//’:
If the grammar is verb ‘x//’ * -> Examine or verb ‘x//’ ‘exam’ * -> Examine, and I input >x:
DicWord(1), return 0 (what is wrong!)
But if the grammar is verb ‘x//’ ‘examine’ * -> Examine, and I input >x:
DicWord(1), return a value greater than 0.
Under Frotz (David Griffith) or WindowsFrotz, all works fine, the value is always greater than 0.

[code]Constant INPUT_BUFFER_LEN = WORDSIZE + 16;
Constant MAX_BUFFER_WORDS = 1;

Array buffer -> INPUT_BUFFER_LEN + 1;
Array parse buffer (MAX_BUFFER_WORDS * 4) + 3;

[ DicWord w; return parse–>(w * 2 - 1); ];
[ NumWord; return parse->1; ];

[ Main w;
parse->0 = MAX_BUFFER_WORDS;
while(1) {
print “^>”;
read buffer parse;
if ( NumWord() == 0 )
jump FreshInput;
w = DicWord(1);
if (w && w == ‘quit’) break;
print w,"^";

[ ExamineSub; ];
!verb ‘x//’ * -> Examine;
verb ‘x//’ ‘exam’ * -> Examine;
!verb ‘x//’ ‘examine’ * -> Examine;[/code]verb ‘x//’ ‘exam’ * -> Examine:

verb ‘x//’ ‘examine’ * -> Examine:

‘x’ is greater than 0 but equal to ‘examine’ (which is not the case with other interpreters!?)
Can anyone try to reproduce these mistakes?

You can try with library. Just remove or rename, in grammar.h, ‘examine’ to ‘exam’:[code]!% +Language_name=english
Include “parser”;
Include “verblib”;

Object here “Here or anywhere”
with description “You are somewhere.”,
has light;

object ball “ball” here
with name ‘ball’,
description “A red ball.”;

[ Initialise; location = here; ];
Include “grammar”;[/code]

‘x//’ is not recognized.

Bocfel automatically rewrites abbreviations before the game gets access to it:

Perhaps it would be better if it detected modern games (or tried to based on the serial number) and disabled this.

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Oh, thanks… I didn’t know that!
It’s an option, maybe it would be better to reverse it: turned on abbreviations with -x for old game and nothing for recent game.
Can the interpreter change the way Inform works?
For me, it’s like a bug: Interpreter must not return 0 if ‘x//’ is in the grammar and in the dictionary.

Obviously you mean it should try to detect old games. :slight_smile: The list of Z-code games which don’t support “X” for “EXAMINE” – but should – is just the Infocom canon, right?

You’re right. In fact Bocfel already has a big list of Infocom V1-4 games, would that be all of them, or would it need the version 5 games to be added as well? github.com/garglk/garglk/blob/m … erp.c#L203

Actually, this code makes it look like the abbreviation expansion should only be applying to Infocom games anyway: github.com/garglk/garglk/blob/2 … ict.c#L207

Added 4 years ago, but after the last release of Gargoyle.

auraes are you using the Bocfel from Gargoyle? We really need to do another release of Gargoyle. It’s 7 years old now!

Yes, from my linux distribution software repository (Gargoyle, version 2011.1b-1).