I6 and OKBScrpt.h

In the game I’m working on I’ve implemented OKBScrpt.h for branching conversations. (Technically it’s a conversation with a voice-activated GPS, but whatever.)

Is anyone familiar with this I6 add-on, and if so, is there anyway to include (or exclude) specific lines of dialog based on variables? For example, I don’t want the GPS to list “Go Home” as a choice when you’re already sitting in your own driveway …

I actually figured out a way around this. I can make the GPS test to see if you are already at that location and, if so, call you stupid. The problem is, if you are NOT in the current location, I want to move you there but Inform is telling me that “Move X to Y” isn’t acceptable.

after [; if (location == driveway) { print_ret "~You're already there."; } else { Move ElCamino to Driveway; }; ];

“Error: Expected assignment or statement but found Move.”

Incidently, PlayerTo (Driveway) works just fine there … but I need to move the car there, too (since you are in it).

I think “move” has to be lower-case.

Wow – newbie error 101. It’s working great now. Thank you sir!

NLine ->->-> GPS1 "Location: HOME" has edible, with description "~Home,~ you say to the GPS.", after [; if (location == driveway) { print_ret "~You're already there, homie,~ replies Sir Guide-A-Lot 350."; } else { print "The Sir Guide-A-Lot 350 maps out the quickest route to your home. You follow it, and arrive safely."; move ElCamino to Driveway; move Player to ElCamino; } ];