I wasn't sure what to make of my new flatmate. - a free, horror IF made by two student screenwriters

Myself and a fellow screenwriting MA student just made our very first text adventure called i wasn’t sure what to make of my new flatmate!

It’s a short, ten minute horror interactive fiction that’s best played whilst wearing headphones.

It should be playable in any browser, and any feedback would be welcomed!


Twine stuff is not my cup of tea but I liked this a lot!
It is short, to the point, not flowery and makes excellent use of the medium.
I wish it were a bit more interactive, but since it is short it works excellently as it is.



Very effective. My wife even came to investigate from up front. What’s all that knocking?

I’m hanging… :frowning:


Thank you so much playing and your kind words!

I think we would’ve liked for it to be a lot more interactive too, but we wanted to make something short and quick first to prove to ourselves we could use the tools. We’d love to make something with more interactivity down the line!

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Thank you!

Sound design was one of the hardest bits, but we felt that it really added to the atmosphere, so I’m glad it fooled your wife as well!

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