I want to kill a player if they try to eat a backdrop...

…but the backdrop cannot be taken. I have a custom message for them trying to take it, and this is overriden if they try to eat it ((first taking the sand) “That’s hardly portable.”) Will this need to be a special rule?

I did something similar (allowing the player to eat a room) and just did a rather elaborate workaround. I think it would work for you too, especially if it just kills the player which eliminates dealing with any aftermath in the gameplay.

Actually, this simpler solution could work:

before eating backdrop: say “You’re dead!”; end the game; stop the action.

That worked like magic, thank you! First time using “before”, it didn’t even enter my mind :stuck_out_tongue:

Alternatively you could lace the backdrops with delicious poison, for a much slower and more romantic death.

It might be better kept secret that you want to kill players. Otherwise, they might not play your games. :smiling_imp:

Good point, but it’s pretty easy to avoid dying in this particular game: I just want to kill them as a sort of smack on the bum for doing something profoundly silly and annoying :stuck_out_tongue:

Reminds me of a game I wrote in which there is a bucket lying around. Just in case some smart-ass player tries to kick the bucket – he kicks the bucket!

Robert Rothman

Sorry for my obscure joke - of course you are killing player characters, not players…

I laughed.

You mean that I shouldn’t have used the special function which shorts the high-voltage power supply to the keyboard? Uh-oh, I think I may be in trouble now. :blush:

Robert Rothman

I swear there used to be a warning in xconfig files that improper settings could cause the monitor to explode. Neal Stephenson commented on it with a character called the “Digi-bomber” in Cryptonomicon, and I’ve heard similar stories have been used elsewhere. But folks on Snopes say it’s very unlikely:

msgboard.snopes.com/cgi-bin/ulti … 000761;p=1

I laughed too! lol :laughing:

I often want to kill players who do stupid things with obviously non-interactive scenery. This actually makes me want to play your game (carefully).