I probably know the answer to this, but...

I wish…

If there was a way in Inform 7 to make collapsable boxes in the Source Code.

perhaps having an arrow next to volumes and chapters so that you could hide that portion of the source code from yourself. This way when you’re quickly scanning your code (and you know where in the work it is) you don’t need to go through pages and pages.

I run into this a lot when I need to go back to a room and see exactly what I called an object, or to look at my [notes] to see how I inteded a character to react to something, or to find a table. With 50+ pages of code on an game only 1/2 done, it can be exhausting just scanning.

Anyone know of any way to accomplish this, or am I just living an a fantasy world?

The IDE can do this, although the metaphor is cutting out sections for you to work with, not collapsing sections. Click the “contents” button above the source tab.

Yeah, after I posted this I found that. Not exactly what I was looking for- but I guess it’ll have to do. :wink: