I present to you Chapter 4 of the adventure "Antarctica"

Antarctica is an adventure for ZX Spectrum computers programmed with the MuCho engine by Jari Komppa. It is a choice-based narrative game available in both English and Spanish. Yesterday, I released Chapter 4, which continues the events from where Chapter 2 left off. The game has multiple endings, six to be exact, but only one of them concludes Chapter 4 and leads to the next chapter. The timeline of events in this chapter takes place immediately before what happened in Chapter 1. I have tried to pay homage to one of the point-and-click adventures I loved the most from the 90s (actually, it would be the late 80s). Experienced players will surely recognize which one it is. I hope that if you decide to try it, you enjoy the reading.

You can download it here:

Antarctica by Dareint (itch.io)

Here are some screenshots: