I Need Help with Inform 7 (Difficult to Explain...)

I’m here once again from my sudden and abrupt disappearance! With… needing help again.

It’s a bit difficult to explain, so I’m gonna try my best. I’m trying to create a… thing where the player and other (mecha) NPCs have a room inside of them where with a action, you can place a (Human) NPCs inside of it, and another action where it forces out the (Human) NPCs out into the same room with the player or (mecha) NPCs.

An (quickly-made) example of it: (One that at least somewhat makes sense apart from my earlier ones.)

Part 0 - Preparation

Repair Bay is a room.
Pilot is a kind of person.
Tood is a pilot.

A person has room called Cockpit. [Used by mechas.]

Instead of examining player:
        say "You're a 16 feet tall mecha with a AI that automatically turns on when you don't have a pilot. [if there is a pilot in Cockpit of player]There is a pilot in your cockpit, but it hasn't turn on manual control, yet.[else]No-one is in your cockpit.[end]".

Understand "connect to [pilot]" as connecting.
Connecting is an action applying to one visible thing.
Carry out connecting pilot (called X):
        move X to cockpit of player.

(Also it would be nice if there is some type of code where you can assign value to the (singular) NPC in the room because for the future, so you can access it quickly.)
(I quickly typed this out, if you need anymore information, just ask me!)

First, is there a reason you want the inside of the mech to be a room, rather than making the mech a vehicle? I am not fully clear on what you want this to do.