I need help with Counterfeit Monkey

What search terms do I need to type into the computer?

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Which one? The one at the university?

It can look up information about the faculty, research for backstory. I don’t remember there being any required search terms to advance the story.

How do I open the reclamation machine?

How do you usually gain access to a computer system?

You need a password.

Thank you.

I seem to have confused the upstairs computer with the reclamation machine computer. My mistake.
Now I need more help. I’m with Atlantida in her apartment and I need to get out. I’ve tried shooting the rifle, but every time I do that I get caught. Any advice?

Have you done anything dramatic involving Atlantida yet?

What do you mean by that?

There are several things that happen involving Atlantida, and I’m not sure how to be more specific without spoiling something.

So instead: what’s happened so far in the apartment? What interesting/useful tools do you have access to?

You can spoil if you want. I don’t really care.
I’m in the apartment, and it seems as if I can’t do anything without getting caught. I’ve tried the rifle>astrologer thing, but it didn’t work. I have the remover, the anagram gun, the gel, the paste, Brock in rock form, and several other objects. What should I do?

Ah okay. So you tried to shoot the “restoration gel rifle” with the anagramming gun, turning it into an “infertile astrologer”? You’re on the right track. What did you do immediately after that?

More thorough hints, from memory (so take with a grain of salt)

  • Did you read the notes on how Atlantida was created? Key word: created

  • Look at Atlantida’s true form

  • An atlantida (lowercase) is an obscure type of mollusc—in other words, small and harmless

  • Is there a way you could turn Atlantida into an atlantida using one of your linguistic tools?

  • Homonyms are not considered anagrams, so the anagramming gun won’t do it

  • A homonym swapper would work, but the paddle is long gone, and she’s not going to go anywhere near the dais

  • Restoration gel would work, but you’d have to get close enough to touch her, and she’s not going to let you do that

  • Is there another tool you could acquire that could neutralize her?

  • Full solution: turn the astrologer back into a rifle using the tub of gel, then shoot Atlantida with the rifle, turning her back into an atlantida

But I can’t seem to do anything without getting caught.

Never mind. I got it. Thanks anyway, though.

Now I need more help. How do I delay the guards after I reform Atlantida?

Never mind, figured it out.